Sunday, March 20, 2011

How To Make Primitive Snowmen Ornaments Out Of Cotton Batting

love snowmen? As you decorate your home with snowmen during the winter? If so, I'm really easy snowman project to share with you today. This project is simple enough that even a beginner can master crafter to make one ... or more in just one afternoon.

You will only need a few basic sewing and craft supplies that can be purchased at general craft supply store. I used a sewing machine to make mine, but surely you can manually stitch together too!

Here are the supplies you'll need to make one.

Hot 'n natural cotton batting (a natural off-white in color)

Black Embroidery thread

Orange Fimo clay (only a tiny pea-sized amount)

2 4 mm round plastic beads

waste of homespun Cotton Fabric (measuring 1 / 2 "to 7" in length for a scarf)

Sharp Fabric Scissors

Sewing Machine and Basic Sewing Supplies

Clear drying Modge podge (decoupage medium)

crystal Glitter (fine grade)

Foam Brush stenciling


to make your pattern : Hand draw a snowman shape on paper that measures approximately 6 "tall by 4 1 / 2" wide at its widest point. Throw out your form and use as a template pattern.

Use a pattern paper and trace around it on two pieces of cotton batting. Cut into pieces. In a plastic cup or put a bowl, pour 5 tablespoons Modge podge in a bowl with 5 tablespoons of water. Stir until combined. Sprinkle in 1 to 2 teaspoons of glitter and stir again. Using your foam stenciling brush, brush the mixture over both pieces of his batting. Let air dry. (takes about 1 hour to completely dry ).

using six strands of black embroidery floss, stitch two X on his face to resemble his eye, tie off the back so it ends, and nodes do not appear on the front. Using a pea-sized piece of orange Fimo clay, roll into a carrot for the nose. Bake in oven according to package directions, the nose on your clay package. Using three strands of black embroidery thread, attach your two round plastic balls on the snowman's belly to resemble a black coat buttons, thread tie off in back, so nodes do not appear on the front.

Using your sewing machine, place the wrong sides together and straight stitch 1 / 8 "us the edge, leaving the bottom open for turning a snowman. Once done, turn it right side out and finish the bottom edge of the hand stitching. Cut a piece of homespun cotton fabric in a strip that measures 1 / 2 "to 7" in length and tie around the neck that reminds her scarf.

Variations : If you want to turn it into an ornament, thread a piece of white thread through the top to hang it on the timber or package. If you want to turn him into a refrigerator magnet, magnetic disks 2-3 glue on the back side with hot glue or craft glue.

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